What's in the Box?

We have 3 subscription box services that you can choose from, and each one is different.  

 The Ultimate Bow Party 

 This box is monthly curated themed box  designed for girls ages 3 months -18 years old. All of the boxes with  the exception of the Teen Box come with 5-6 hair bow, hair accessories  and goodies each month. The Teen boxes come with 3-4 hair accessories  and a statement piece of jewelry.  Each box is designed according to the  age of your princess.

Age Groups 

Babies: 3 months to 12 months  *This box will include a combination of stretch headbands and hair bows.  

Littles: 1-4 years old

Middles   5-8 years old

 Tweens: 9-12 years old

 Teens:13-18 years +   


The Minis Collection

With this collection, you can choose to  receive your bows on an alligator clip or nylon headband. Each month you  will receive 3 bows. This box is recommended for newborns and older.