The Hair Bow Box 

 The Ultimate Bow Party

Get 5-6 hair bows and hair accessories

Ships the 10th  of each month.  

**Order must be in by the 25th of the PREVIOUS month.

Minis Collection

 Mini Bows & Nylon Headbands 

 Get 3 alligator clip bows or 3 Nylon Headbands

Ships the 10th of the month.

*order must be in on or before the 5th of the month.


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The Hair Bow Box

It started with a bow, so long ago in 2006.  As a mother of 4 (2 girls and 2 boys), I'm always trying to find things for my little ones at affordable prices. Growing up wearing hair bows all my childhood I vowed to my mother never to put a bow on my child's head when I had one. Low and behold when we found out our first little one was going to be a girl I  started shopping for hair bows and accessories.  

From there I began selling bows to mothers around the office, and  then I ventured into selling at Arts and Craft Fairs. Little did I know  this would become a business. I began making bows for everyone and all  occasions. I received many compliments on how unique and  affordable my  prices were compared to everyone else. I like to be different and  affordable.  

What is a Hair Bow Box Collection? A hair bow collection is an  assortment of hair accessories that are put together into our Hair Bow  Boxes handpicked each month for your little princess.  

I hope your princess enjoys the bows that we put together for her.